Treatment recommended in diseases of motor organs: it has painkilling and anti-aging effects, enhances the immune system, combats obesity and cellulitis, speeds up post-exercise recovery. It is especially indicated in: comprehensive therapy of rheumatic diseases, degenerative disorders, soft tissue rheumatism (fibromyalgia); acute and inveterate traumas including sports and post-operative traumatic conditions, autoimmunological diseases and collagenosis; bone diseases with primary and secondary osteoporosis, reflex and central muscle spasticity in neurological rehabilitation; biological regeneration of professional athletes and physically- and mentally-exhausted adults. The treatment is contraindicated for patients over 65.

Healing by means of low temperatures. It consists in lowering the temperature of tissues by nitrogen vapours refrigerated down to -180ºC. The treatment lasts 1-3 minutes. It has painkilling and anti-inflammatory effects, combats tissue swelling and improves mobility of joints.

Delicate warmth of the treatment causes both surface and deep congestion of tissues. Indications: chronic joint disorders, mainly of hands and feet. The therapy reduces post-traumatic and post-surgical contractures.

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